MODEL D – How do I use the External Audio Input?

As well as using the internal oscillators on this synth, you can input your own audio source through the synth and manipulate the sound using some of the filter/amplitude envelope controls.

                                                                                                   User-added image

The EXT mini-jack input on the front of the unit accepts a 3.5mm jack input from any line level audio source.  Once connected and playing, the audio will be played through the synth whenever a key is triggered. You can control the volume of the audio using the EXT IN VOLUME dial. Ensure the red switch to the left of this dial is pressed in.

The inputted audio can be affected by the MODIFIERS section of the synthesizer, should you wish to change the cut-off frequency, resonance or amplitude envelope of your sound. Be aware that whatever changes you make in this section will be applied to the main mix, so it is not possible to affect just the audio, or just one oscillator.

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