UMC22 - How do I evaluate latency values?

You need to consider the following when addressing latency:
  • CPU speed of the computer
  • The quality of the Audio interface
  • Connection type - USB/FIREWIRE.
  • The compatibility driver/operating system/ DAW.
  • The amount of buffering selected on the DAW, measured in samples.

Latency can be proportional to:
  • The number of audio channels used
  • Number of Plugins used
  • Sample Rate
  • Bit Depth
  • Amount of Memory
  • Processing Power

Increasing the buffering size gives the computer more time to process plugins but also slows the response of the system. 

On a Windows computer,  the drivers transport the audio to and from the sound card to the CPU of the computer and from there to the speakers. It's different on a Mac as it uses core audio device.

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