VOCODER VC340 – How do I use the Synth Tool?

The latest version of the Synth Tool app can be found on the link below:


This application can be used for many of our synthesizers, including the Model D, MS1 and the Odyssey. Once your synth is connected to your computer, it should be recognised automatically by the app. Press GET STARTED to open the settings for your synth.


Here you can set the incoming and Outgoing MIDI channel using the drop-down menu. You can also transpose any incoming MIDI note data and adjust the note velocity settings.


This tab allows you to see what firmware your unit is running. If you are running the latest software, it will say UP TO DATE. Otherwise, you will be given the option here to update via the app. Be careful not to close the application or unplug the USB cable during the update as this may damage your unit.


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