X-TOUCH – Can I use it with Fmod Studio?

Can I use my X-Touch One with Fmod Studio?

Yes, it is possible to set your X-touch Fmod Studio. Connect your X-touch directly to your computer using a USB cable and then set the unit up in MC mode. To change the Operation mode, push and hold the select button of channel 1 while powering the unit on, then use the first encoder to select the mode, and second encoder for connection type. Once completed, click the first encoder to confirm your settings.

Open Fmod Studio and go to Edit > Preferences > Control Surfaces.

Set the device type to Mackie Control and select the X-Touch as the input and output port. The fader on the X-Touch should now move to the same position as one of your Audio Tracks (If you have an Event selected). You can now control the software using the controller.

Please be aware that as Fmod is used for reactive and adaptive audio (Meaning the audio will change location depending on the players position in the world), the pan encoder will control the volume level the same as the fader

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