X-TOUCH ONE – Can I use it with Wwise?

Can I use my X-Touch One with Wwise?

Yes, It is possible to control your Wwise project using the X-Touch One.

First connect your X-Touch One directly to your computer using a USB cable, and set the unit up in MC Standard mode. For more information on setting up the operation mode, please refer to the Quick Start Guide;


Once connected and in the correct mode, open Wwise and your project, then go to Project > Control Surface Devices. Press the “Add” button to create a new device (and name this), then set the Device type to Mackie Control. Change the Receive From and send to Options to your X-Touch One, and you should see that the Status changes to Connected, you can now close this menu. Please be aware that the X-Touch One fader will not move like with other DAW’s or Audio Middleware, as it does not manually map to Wwise.

In the Project explorer, select sessions and expand the ‘Control Surface Sessions’ Option, Then ‘Default Work Unit’ and you should see ‘New Control Surface Session’. Double click on this and the Control Surface Bindings menu will open. Select ‘Current Selection ‘ and then click ‘Add & Learn Binding’. A new Binding will appear and the Learn button will be green, push or move a control on the X-Touch One, and you should see the Status says Learning and the Controller Assignment column will display what you have selected, Click the Green Learn button to exit the learn mode. Click the ‘>>’ button and then you can select whether you would like to assign this control to an Object or global property or command. For this example, lets select ‘Object Properties > Audio > General Settings > Random Sequence Container > Voice Volume’. Once selected it will then assign this property to the controller.

To test this, return to the Audio menu in Project Explorer and select an object. If we now move or push the assigned control the assigned control on the X-Touch you should see it move in the Sound Property Editor.

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