X-TOUCH ONE - What kind of MIDI modes are supported?

The X-TOUCH ONE supports Mackie Control, HUI, and MIDI communication protocols for seamless integration with every compatible music production software.

The text printed on the unit corresponds to the standard Mackie Control MC protocol. Other modes have their own dedicated printed overlays that fit over the front panel.

There are eight Mackie Control modes, each set up for a different popular DAW.

One of these is the standard Mackie Control mode, which is the default mode for the X-TOUCH ONE from the factory. Another mode is the “MC User” mode where individual buttons can be assigned by the user as desired.

There are two HUI modes:

One standard and one HUI PRO for Pro Tools.  

To change the operation mode of the X-TOUCH ONE, press and hold down the Encoder Knob while you turn on power to the X-TOUCH ONE.

Alternatively, if the unit is already on, press and hold the large STOP transport button and then press the encoder knob to enter the set-up mode.

Rotate the encoder knob until the desired mode is shown in the LCD display.
Press the encoder knob again and rotate it to adjust the LCD display contrast.
Press the encoder knob again and rotate it to adjust the LED display brightness.
Press the encoder knob to save the settings and return to normal operation.
Choose the appropriate overlay template for your operation mode and lay it on top.

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