XR18 – How do I set it up as an audio interface?

How do I setup my X air Mixer as an Audio interface?

First connect your unit directly to your computer using a USB cable. We recommend connecting to a USB 2.0 port. If you are using Windows please download the necessary drivers from the following link, there are no drivers required for Mac. 


Please also download the most recent X air Edit application from the above link, as we will need this to configure the input and outputs of the unit. 

Connect to the X air mixer as your network, more information on this can be found at the following link; 


Once connected open the X air edit application and then the In/Out menu, and go to the USB Sends Menu. In this menu we can select what channel is sent to our computer on the different USB channels. For Example, if we wanted 8 of our XLR inputs to be on USB channels we would click in the grid where the source (along the top) and the destination (on the Left) meet. To change the tap point simply right click in the grid.  

I/O menu

Next open your desired DAW and set the XR18 as your input and output device. Each DAW is different, so we would recommend contacting the software developer for further support. 

Insert channels to your DAW Project and ensure that you have the independent inputs set for the channels, so the inputs from the In/out menu have their own channel, record arm the channel and you should now be able to record. 

For playing audio back from the DAW into the XR18 it is a similar process, except we need to use the USB Returns menu in the X air Edit application. As with the USB Send menu, you can select where the audio source (along the top) is sent (Down the left) by simply clicking in the grid. Please ensure that the channels in your DAW have the relevant Output channel selected. The final step to playback audio is to go into the channel menu. In the top left of this menu (Channel input) there is a USB option, Click this and the select channel will now be able to draw the signal from the DAW/Computer. 

USB Return

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