BUGERA 1960 - How do I reduce amp hum and hiss?

How do I reduce hum on my guitar amp?
As a lot of guitar amplifiers use analogue technology they can be prone to hum. This isn’t a defect or a fault but simply the nature of how analogue amplifiers work. To understand why hum occurs we must first understand what a guitar amp is doing.
The signal that exits your guitar is very weak, produced only by the vibration of the strings over a magnet (your pickup). This signal is then sent through your pedal board (if you choose) and straight into your guitar amp where it is “shaped” by the preamp and amplified by the power amp to a louder volume. As the signal is very weak it can also carry background noise with it, and this will be amplified as well.

How to mitigate hum
Here are some suggestions for reducing the amount of hum or background noise that your guitar amp is producing:
  • Avoid using power strips when possible. Always try and use the cleanest power possible.
  • If you are using effects pedals use a high quality isolated power supply rather than a daisy chain.
  • Be aware of how much gain you are sending to your amp. If for example you have an overdrive pedal, compressor and/or fuzz engaged you should expect a lot of feedback and noise. Especially at high volumes.
  • Remember hum and noise are a lot louder when using single coil pickups.
  • If your hum is especially loud try unplugging your guitar from your pedals and plugging straight into the amp. If the hum is reduced then you may have a faulty pedal/bad cable/poor power.
  • If you have looked at all of these areas and are still experiencing hum or noise issues try changing your tubes/valves.

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