Bugera – Are my guitar amp tubes interchangeable? Can I swap my tubes for different types?

Bugera – Are my guitar amp tubes interchangeable?
There are many variables which contribute to the sound of a good guitar amp. One of these factors are the valves (also commonly known as tubes). Some musicians enjoy experimenting with different tubes in order to find the types that they like the sound of the most.
As a general rule power amp tubes are not interchangeable but pre-amp tubes are.
Not all tubes are interchangeable though, and in this short guide you can learn which tubes will work in your amp. Please note that if you are not sure of which valves your amp uses this information can be found in the relevant user manual or quick start guide.
Tube/Valve TypeDescription
12AX7/12AX7A/7025/ECC83/CV4004Possibly the most common preamp tubes.
5751Slightly lower gain that the 12AX7.
12AT7/ECC81/E81CC/CV4024Less gain and clearer sound than a 12AX7.
12AY7/6072APopular in 1950s style guitar amps. Good for clean blues tones.
12AU7A/5963A distortion sound that is less fuzzy and more bluesy than a 12AX7.

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