PS1 POWER SOAK - How do I determine if my amplifier is compatible and how do I set it up?

How to determine if BUGERA PS1 is compatible with your amplifier.

The BUGERA PS1 POWER SOAK attenuator is designed to allow you to crank your amp volume so that you can have all the tonal advantages of a naturally over-driven tube amp at home/bedroom volumes.
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Any amplifier up to 100w with an impedance of 4, 8 or 16 ohms will be compatible with the PS1. Check the back of your amplifier. Some amps will have a selector so that you can choose your impedance, other amps will state (usually next to the speaker output) their impedance.
Simply connect your amps speaker output to the speaker input on the rear of the unit, and then use the correct output (based on impedance of your speaker cabinet/amplifier) to connect to the speaker cabinet.

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