DM8000 - Why can I not see what I am typing in Tera Term (terminal emulator) when connected via serial?

This is more than likely due to 'Local Echo' being disabled in your terminal window.  

The DM8000 session needs the 'Local Echo' on.  In its default mode, Tera Term will automatically attempt
to deduce whether or not local echo is appropriate for the session, and may default to the wrong
setting you are working in. If it does make the wrong decision, there is a configuration option to
override its choice, and you can force local echo to be turned on.

To turn the 'Local Echo' on, enter the Setup tab and select Terminal.  A new window will open and 
in the middle of the window will be a box labelled 'Local Echo'.  Tick this box.  You should now be able
to view what you type in the terminal window.

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