Link your DN9650 AES50 Card to your M Series and PRO Series

How to link your DN9650 to your M Series and PRO Series console using the AES 50 Network Module.
  • This video will take you through how to connect your M series and Pro series consoles via the Klark Teknik DN9650.
  • Firstly, we make sure the laptop is on the same network as the 9650.
  • To do this we open our Network and Sharing Center and go to Local Area Connection, Properties, Internet Protocol Version 4, and Properties. Select “Use the following IP address” and set a static address of with a subnet mask of
  • Using a Cat5 cable we connect our computer’s local connection to the Ethernet Control Port on the 9650.
  • Once we’ve done that we open up a browser, we recommend using Firefox, and type in the address of the DN9650. 
  • The factory default is
  • The first thing we check is the software version at the bottom of the page. If your software is not up to date you must go the Klark Teknik website to download the latest version.
  • At the top we check that LCD Line 2 is our Network Bridge and then we assign the Network module.
  • To do this we click on “Change Module Type” and choose the “Klark Teknik AES50 Module”. The unit will lock up for a moment while it resets.
  • Next, go to “Change Module Settings”.
  • As we’re connecting to an M32 we set our Sample Frequency to 48kHz and Clock Source to “AES50 External Clock” to set the M32 as the master.
  • To setup the built in AES50 we go to “Change Module Settings” and set all of the ports to 96kHz and Clock Source to AES50 External Clock.
  • On the back of our Pro series console, AES50 ports 1, 2, and 3, are connected to our I/O box.
  • The final three connections are connect to the three AES50 ports on the DN9650.
  • On the AES50 card on the DN9650 we connect port 1 to the AES50 A port on the M series console.    
  • At 48kHz, port 2 can be a redundant port and can be connected to port B on the M series console.
  • At 96kHz port 1 is channels 1-24 and port 2 is 25-28.
  • To get the audio from the DN9650 to the inputs of the Pro Series and also the M32 we first go to “status” and make sure the ports are correctly configured.
  • If we needed to change anything, we go to config, select the required port, and go to the device type to select our device from the drop down menu.
  • The device ID will set automatically.
  • Next we go to patching where we patch the IO box to our Pro series console.
  • On the metering page we can see any audio going into our IO box.
  • To assign these channels to the M series console, in patching, we patch the IO Box to the AES 50 modules.
  • These are now going directly to the M series, without any processing on the Pro series.
  • On the M series console, on the routing page, inputs 1-32 are set to the AES50
  • And on the metering page we can see our signal source here too.
  • In this setup only the Pro series console will have control over the analogue gains so it is recommended that these settings are decided upon early.

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