IPD 2400 - How do I update my firmware?

A firmware update will erase all presets on the device. Before initiating a firmware update, be sure all device presets have been backed up using Backup Presets in the Hardware menu. After firmware update has been completed, restore presets using Restore Presets in the Hardware menu.

There are three ways to update firmware on IPD units; each method serves different purpose.

1. Global View/Tools/”Firmware Update All units”.
This update method allows the simultaneous update of all IPDs connected to the network and has built in mechanisms that scan the version number of the units so only units with old firmware are updated. It also verifies the process, repeats updating if some should fail, and summarizes the process once completed. This process takes a couple of minutes but is the safest way to update the IPD units.

2. Global View/Tools/”Enable Update”.
This update method displays a symbol in Global view which makes it easy to identify any unit that is not up to date. The symbol appearing on the Amplifier Control Panel is gray if the firmware is up to date and orange if the firmware is not up to date. If the unit is not up to date (orange) you can click the symbol to start the update. “Enable Update” also works as a recovery tool. If a firmware update somehow gets interrupted, e.g. through power loss in the middle of updating, the unit can end up in fault state. This "Enable Update" method can, in most circumstances, reach the faulty unit and re-update the Firmware, bringing it back to normal.

3. From within the Mixer (Unit) View, click Hardware/Firmware Update.
This update is for a single unit only and will force new firmware to the unit regardless of what firmware the IPD currently has. Using this tool, all presets are asked to be backed up and are automatically restored back to the unit once updated.

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