DL231 - Understanding airflow and adequate ventilation.

The fan speed is set and cannot be altered or turned off.

The air arrives through the front panel grills and in to the front bulk head fans which suck air IN.
          in          in            in         in
This allows the hot air generated from both the PSUs and the processor PCB that is static inside the unit, to then be pushed OUT via the rear vents.
The rear vents are situated next to each XLR and can be seen here in this close-up.
                                 out            out
There is also the same type of fan fitted on top of the internal PSU and the hot air is also dispersed via the same process.

Adequate airflow is essential to aid trouble-free use of the DL231. Even if the unit is rack-mounted or moved around for convenience, it is strongly advised that neither the front or rear of the unit is obstructed or modified in anyway to prevent the airflow to pass through.

Failure to do this can cause the unit to enable thermal cut-out and shutdown, all audio will be lost during this period until the temperature of the unit has cooled.


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