M32 LIVE – Can I record my edited and raw preamp signals at the same time?

Can I record my edited and raw preamp signals at the same time?

Yes, it is possible to record the signal directly from the Preamps, and the edited signal (after EQ/Compression etc) at the same time via the Expansion card but only to a maximum of 32 channels (So you could do 16 of each).

First input your signal into the console and build your mix. Once completed we can now look at routing the signals into your chosen DAW. If you are using Windows, please ensure that you have the most recent drivers installed for your expansion card, which can be found on the product pages.

Open the Routing Menu and go to the ‘Card Output’ menu, and then select your input source. This will then send the signal directly from the preamp to your Expansion card and DAW, giving you your Raw unedited preamp signal. Next, we need to get the edited or mixed signal through.

Go to the ‘Output 1-16’ or ‘Ultranet’ output menu. We now need to route the source for the channels to ‘Direct Channel out’ (so if our kick is in channel 1, select Direct output one), and then set the Tap Point to either Pre or Post Fader (depending on your preference). Return to the Card output menu, and set the source as ‘Out 1-8/9-16’ or ‘Ultranet 1-8/9-16’ (Depending on which setting you chose). You will now be feeding the signal from your tap point to the expansion card.

Finally, setup the inputs in your DAW and record arm the channels. You should now be able to see that you have an incoming signal for all channels.

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