PRO6--What driver is fitted to my screens?

The screen drivers used on the console were not actually manufactured by Midas due to the large selection of off-the-shelf screen driver PCBs available at the time of production.

Over the years of the PRO3-6-9 console some changes have been made to the screen assembly, either due to quality improvements or product obsoletion,

There have been three types used over the years which are listed below and should help you identify the one fitted to your console's screens.

*Version 1
Description: LILY- Digitial (Rev.2.1)  PGLM0500103 / SGMLM0500300
Manufacturer: SMART Modular Technology / Estecom Co.
Part number: A33-00001-12285
Version 1
*The Version 1 driver is now obsolete and pre-dates the current MIDAS part number system.

Version 2
Description: OMG-AD-BC3018C
Manufacturer: OMEGA
Part number: A04-00000-76000
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Version 3
Description: GALAXY 4 Screen Driver for NEC
Manufacturer: GALAXY
Part number: B52-00001-05858
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