Venice F16 - Why will it not connect via Firewire?

Some customers have reported an issue with the firewire function of their Venice F console failing to be seen or not connect with their PC/MAC/LAPTOP.

It is understood this may be a result of either “hot-plugging” the Venice F or by simply mis-plugging the device when powered, causing a surge and thus damaging the Physical interface silicon or Firewire Processor. 
This can result in complete failure of this PCB’s Firewire communication.

It is strongly recommended that when connecting or disconnecting the Venice F to a
PC/MAC/LAPTOP the customer does so in the following manner:

When Connecting the Venice F
 Ensure that the computer is turned OFF
 Ensure that the Venice F is turned OFF
 Connect your Venice F firewire port to your computer’s firewire port
 Turn ON your Venice F
 Turn ON your Computer
 Turn ON your Monitor Speakers

When disconnecting your Venice F
 Shut down record software
 Turn OFF your Monitor Speakers
 Turn OFF your Venice F
 Disconnect your Venice F

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