HF Driver/Diaphragm for Legacy products (Known products)

If you’ve received a new alternative HF Driver or HF Diaphragm for a legacy product, please note the below.
For any of the below legacy products, where the serial number begins with an ‘8’ (852664), please note that any new alternatives for the obsolete High Frequency Diaphragms or Tweeters (HF Drivers) will need their terminals reversed when replacing. This article does not cover the products where the serial number begins with an ‘S’ (S1700499AVX) as these work as intended.
VX 8
VX 12
VXP 12
For any new alternative HF Drivers that will replace the original, they will most likely look very different in size. This is due to different magnet types being used. However, the performance is the same and the durability significantly improved. It is advised to replace both speaker parts to receive the best possible performance from the product.
In order for the drivers to be compatible, the terminals of the HF Diaphragm must be swapped during installation, following the procedure below (The photos are not completely representative of the products in the table):

User-added image

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