KENSINGTON GR - What type of magnet is used?

An Alcomax 3 high energy magnet provides flux generation for both high frequency and low frequency driving motors.
Precision air gaps contain the magnetic flux surrounding each coil.

The high frequency air gap has a unique shunt member to apportion the total magnetic flux in the correct ratio between low and high frequency units. This gives an optimum acoustic balance.

Precision machined, low carbon steel pole pieces ensure unsaturated operation, linear flux fields and a high heat sinking capability.
High power inputs can therefore be handled with minimum change of impedance due to temperature effects.

A very robust, high quality, precision pressure die cast chassis locates the whole magnet assembly and positions the moving parts with high accuracy. The chassis is clamped to the front baffle by 10 mounting bolts. This provides long term reliability without interfering with the acoustic radiation from the individual sections.

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