DITTO X4 - What do the dip switches do?

What do the dip switches do?

If you look at the rear of your pedal you will find four dip switches. These switches allow you to change four settings which determine the order in which the pedal operates:
Switch 1:
Switch 2:
Toggles between 2 modes: Overdub immediately and Overdub at the start of the next cycle.
Switch 3:
Serial Mode

Pressing a LOOP footswitch during another loops playback will arm the loop for recording. After the first loop finishes its cycle it will then stop and the second loop will begin recording.
Sync Mode
Allows two independent loops to be played over each other in sync. Setting the switch to the up position will put the two loops out of sync allowing for creative layering effects such as polyrhythms.
Switch 4:
Toggles between buffered and true bypass mode. With this switch in the up position the pedal will be in BUFFERED BYPASS mode. Switching it to the down position will set the pedal to TRUE BYPASS mode.

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