FLASHBACK X4 - What is kill dry and how do I use it?

What is kill dry and how do I use it?

When talking FX pedals the terms WET and DRY are often used. WET being the affected signal and DRY being the unaffected signal. If your pedal has a KILL DRY setting it simply mutes the DRY signal. This can be useful if you are running through an FX loop as the dry signal will go straight into the front of the amp and skip the FX pedal it’s self, delivering a pure analogue signal for the dry portion of your sound.
In order to turn KILL DRY on the pedal will need to be in TRUE BYPASS mode. To change modes simply open up the back of your pedal and look for 2 dip switches. The upper dip switch is for toggling true bypass on and off while the lower switch is reserved for toggling the kill dry setting.
Please note that kill dry ONLY WORKS WITH A PARALLEL FX LOOP. This is because a parallel FX loop keeps the original signal in tact while blending it with the signal that has passed through the loop. If running into a series FX loop the dry signal will be lost with no way to blend it back in.
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