Input Gain and Nudge on the Perform Series

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I have a Perform-V, Perform-VK, Perform-VG, or Perform-VE... How can I set the microphone input gain?  What is the "nudge" feature?


    There are a couple ways to set the input gain for your microphone - you can quickly set it automatically, or adjust it manually.  "Nudge" is a feature that will lower your input gain when clipping is detected, and this feature is only enabled after automatically setting the input gain.

Automatic Input Gain
    To set the microphone’s input gain, press and hold the “Set” button.  You can sing into your mic while holding the “Set” button to set the input gain automatically - sing your loudest and it’ll measure your voice to set the input gain accordingly.  Once you release the “Set” button, a red ring will be displayed which represents the input gain level.  If you allow this red ring to time out and hide away, that will enable the “nudge” feature (more on this below).

Manual Input Gain
    If you adjust the red ring with the center knob and then allow it to time out, the “nudge” feature will not be enabled even if you’re clipping.  Clipping is shown by the “Set” button blinking red.  You can manually adjust the input gain at any time by holding the “Set” button for a few seconds (you don’t have to be singing) and when you release the button you’ll see the red ring which you can then adjust with the center knob, and allow it to time out.
Once the unit has had its input gain manually set, pressing the “Set” button at all (even just to adjust brightness) will re-enable the “nudge” feature.  Go through the manual gain setting procedure again and allow the red ring to time out to bypass the “nudge” feature.

    The “nudge” feature is used in conjunction with automatically setting the input gain to keep your levels optimal and combat clipping.  If the unit detects that you’re clipping the microphone input, it will “nudge” your input gain down until the input is no longer clipping.  This feature is only active if you’ve set the input gain automatically and allowed the resulting red ring to time out.  “Nudge” is useful if you get excited during a performance and sing louder than you had during the automatic input gain setup, it’ll lower the input gain to prevent further clipping.  "Nudge" however can be an issue if you set up your input gain while solo, and later perform with a band behind you – this can inadvertently trigger “nudge” and lower your voice in the overall mix.  Manually setting the input gain will disable the “nudge” feature altogether, even if your input is clipping.

*Note that the only difference between the four Perform units is that Perform-VE does not have a brightness control.  On Perform-V, Perform-VK, and Perform-VG, if you tap and release the “Set” button without holding, you’ll see a green ring which is the brightness control.  On Perform-VE there is no brightness adjustment, so you can just tap and release the “Set” button to begin manually adjusting the input gain at any time.

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