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How can I use loop triggers to help me with my performance?


Loop triggers are a method of triggering loop track to play without entering the looper menu.
It is possible to assign a loop Track or Track combination (A, B, C, A&B, A&C) from any Slot (1->50) to a button on your VoiceLive 3 or Switch-3 or Switch-6 to trigger playback of these Tracks at any time - this is called a Loop Trigger.  You can think of each Loop Trigger as a “pointer” to a specific Loop Slot/Track(s). You can assign up to 8 (A-H) Loop Triggers in each Preset.

You can assign Loop Triggers A through H to VoiceLive 3's footswitches using the "BUTTONMAP" tab on either the Vocal or Guitar Layer, depending on which footswitch you'd like to dedicate. Simply pick the footswitch (Delay, Reverb, Harmony etc.) and assign a Loop Trigger to it.  Afterwards, "Store" your preset to save your buttonmap changes.
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To assign Loop Triggers to footswitches on your Switch-3 or Switch-6, go into the "Setup" menu and navigate to the "Footswitch" tab.
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Triggering a loop via loop triggers will automatically make the Looper layer switch to the loop slot of the last-triggered-loop.  For example suppose your Loop Trigger A is mapped to loop Slot 1 Track A, and your Loop Trigger B is mapped to Slot 2 Track A - triggering your Loop Trigger A, then triggering your Loop Trigger B, entering the lop layer now will show you're in Slot 2.

Loop triggers are used one at a time, and cannot be used in a serial fashion.  If you already have a loop track triggered, you will not be able to "queue up" the next loop trigger, stepping on a new trigger will begin its playback immediately and stop the currently-playing loop.  To transition from one loop trigger to another, it's up to you to time your second loop trigger press to be at the end of your first trigger's playback.  If you truly need serial playback of loops, then loop triggers may not be for you and you're likely better off just using the Looper layer with "Sync" set to "Serial" (this "Serial" sync setting does not affect loop triggers).

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