VoiceLive Touch 2 - "LOOP INC" AKA Loop Increment


I see there's a "LOOP INC" target in VoiceLive Touch 2 that I can map my footswitch to - What is this?

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VoiceLive Touch 2 has up to 6 loop tracks available, perfect for making multi-layered loops, and the "LOOP INC" feature can help you build up these layers real fast.  "LOOP INC" means "loop increment" which can consecutively move through the 6 loop tracks to save you precious button presses.
As an example let's suppose you've just recorded your first "base loop" in track 1.  You can then begin recording another layer in track 2, and then use the "LOOP INC" button to set your second layer and immediately begin recording another layer in the next track, track 3 in this case.  With this workflow, you can create your base loop, begin recording another layer, then keep using the "LOOP INC" button to subsequently keep creating new layers until all 6 tracks are filled.  "LOOP INC" can also be used just to navigate through the loop tracks if your hands are busy playing an instrument.

With a Switch-6 connected to your Touch 2, "LOOP INC" is mapped to the rightmost footswitch by default.
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Craig's Touch 2 setup video briefly touches on LOOP INC as well, check it out here.

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