IQ12 - How do I update my firmware?

We recommend downloading and installing the most recent firmware from to ensure optimal performance of your product.

Your speaker models can either contain Version 1 or Version 2 firmware, which was introduced as a running change in 2018. There is no functionality or performance differences in V2 hardware and this change was due to silicon obsolescence only. Please note this does mean the software in the display/ menu will show as V1.X or V2.X in line with hardware requirements. Both Models V1 & V2 are fully supported from a warranty perspective.

To install the firmware update on TURBOSOUND DSP modules:
1) Press SETUP while switching the unit on.
2) Connect your Windows PC to the speaker’s USB port.
3) Then run the executable “TURBOSOUND UsbUpdate_V...exe” that you downloaded and unpacked from our website.

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